Idiom: “off the beaten path”

From: Dictionary of English Idioms by ธง วิทัยวัฒน์ :  beaten path สิ่งที่เคยมีคนทำมาก่อน, ทางที่มีคนบุกมาแล้ว = the usual route established by custom or convention, an established main route  Example: Jack likes to follow beaten path. แจ็คชอบทำตามในสิ่งที่เคยมีคนทำมาก่อน

The example English sentence should read “Jack prefers to follow the crowd” (idiomatic) or “Jack prefers to follow convention” (formal).

This idiom is always used with the preposition off as in “off the beaten path”

Here are some examples gleaned from Corpus of Contemporary American English:

They were looking for something tropical, but also something quieter,
off the beaten path.  So they headed for a less-visited island in the Bahamas

* It’s even more mysterious to foreigners, who rarely venture this
far off the beaten path.

Fear not! If you step off the beaten path, you’ll discover that Windows has features that will make your work easier and more intuitive, your output more attractive, and your computer an even abler assistant than it was before. #

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