Phrasal Verb: show off


show off โอ้อวด = attempt to attract attention by display of either one’s abilities or possessions, behave in a rude manner, exhibit proudly or ostentatiously

Example: Helen always likes to show off her abilities in front of guests. เฮเลนชอบโอ้อวดความสามารถต่อหน้าแขกเสมอๆ


I wanted a dish that would show off the bold, fresh flavors I planned to feature at my restaurant.

Men like to show off their mode of transportation, ” he said. ” It goes back through history. Before it was’ Have you seen my new chariot? Then it was horses tied up on Main Street.

Brigitte looked every inch a star. In her platform stiletto sandals, she was
taller than Tallie, her makeup was perfect, she never went out without it, and
her outfit suited her to perfection, showed off her incredible body, and made
her look irresistibly sexy. She was the opposite of Tallie in every way.
Everything about her had been carefully thought out to catch the eye, as opposed
to Tallie, who preferred to think of herself as invisible, and liked it that
way. Her whole business was to show off others, not herself. Brigitte Parker loved the attention she got and had none of Tallie’s subtlety and shyness. The two women had similar looks, both tall, thin, and blond, but did entirely different things with the attributes nature had given them. Tallie hid them, and Brigitte shone a spotlight on them. Tallie honestly didn’t care how she looked and never thought about it. Brigitte put a lot of thought and effort into her dazzling appearance. (from: Betrayal by Danielle Steel)

The other irony of the situation is that collectors of these so-called
Indo-European paintings, according to experts that I spoke to at Sotheby’s and
now Christie’s, where the sales continue, are predominantly wealthy Indonesians
for the works made in Bali, and overseas Vietnamese for the Indochinese ones.
This may be a case of retribution or a manifestation of retaliation for
colonialism, whereby wealthy citizens of former colonies demonstrate their power to ” buy back ” what was taken from them, or else simply to show
off their status as nouveaux riches, on par with those who patronized these artists during the colonial period — something that the natives could never do. # The demand for modern and contemporary art from Southeast Asia has risen over the past decade both within Southeast Asia and internationally, and galleries specializing in art from the region have been appearing in cities around the world, including New York. The first gallery in the United States to show artists from Southeast Asia exclusively opened in Oakland, California, in 1997

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