Phrasal Verb: sign up

sign up สมัคร = enlist, promise to do something by signing your name

Example: She wants to sign up for the contest. หล่อนต้องการสมัครเข้าแข่งขัน

Don’t forget, if you sign up for premium membership, and you do that right now, you get a free copy of ” Killing Lincoln, ” the book or the audio. Your choice.

Explore the quiet waters of Clayoquot Sound in a tandem kayak, relax in natural
rock pools at Hot Springs Cove, sign up for surf lessons, book a whalewatching excursion, or hop a scenic flight on a classic floatplane.

Unlike previous versions, which came shrink-wrapped in a box, Creative Suite 6
will be available on a monthly subscription basis as part of Adobe’s Creative
Cloud offering. Subscriptions will start at $50 a month for those who
sign up for a year. Subscribers will be able to download programs such as Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator, store their work online and share files with others.

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