Phrasal Verb: keep track of

keep track of ตามเรื่อง, ติดตาม, คอยติดตาม, ได้รับข่าวจาก, ลงบันทึก = to maintain a record of , continue to be informed about, keep in touch with

I read the newspaper every day to keep track of current events.  ผมอ่านหนังสือพิมพ์ทุกวัน เพื่อ คอยติดตาม ให้ทันเหตุการณ์

My boss always keeps track of my work. เจ้านายของฉัน คอยติดตาม ผลงานของฉันเสมอ


Finally, Angus drills into the rhino’s horns. He’s inserting microchips to keep track of the rhino’s whereabouts and his horn.

…some amateur birders who are doing some very similar kinds of things, and they use the Internet to keep in touch with one another and to keep track of what rare bird species they’ve seen nearby.

The (Georgia) state Department of Natural Resources doesn’t keep track of coyote populations. They aren’t a protected species, meaning they can be hunted or trapped year round. Law forbids poisoning the animals, but beyond that, ” It’s pretty much open season on them,

The Computer World

” I like using the new technology tool RSS feeds to keep track of articles published from different journals in my subject. It is great as it is very time-saving. ” # ” The social
bookmarking tool is great as I can see what others are reading in my interested topics. Besides, I can set up RSS feeds from Citeulike to keep track of newly added items on the topics. ” # My intention of introducing social bookmarking tools to our researchers was to
raise their current awareness in their research fields.

…we would hope that people would keep track of their spending habits, but can we really expect that of our college students? Mr-GAMM: Well, with the iPhone you can. There’s a great app, the ABUKAI app. It allows you to take a picture of the receipt after making a purchase in the store. The app will store that data, allowing you to easily track your expenses.

In the latest and biggest example of the map’s power and versatility, Google started a location-aware friend-finding system called Latitude in 27 countries early this month. # On its face, Google’ s new service — available on dozens of mobile systems — is simply a way for friends to keep track of one another and meet up, for families to stay in touch or for parents to find comfort in knowing where their children are. # But it will generate a gold mine of new information about where millions of people travel each day, and there is no doubt that Google and others are planning to dig in that mine.” Everyone is watching Google, and this will open a floodgate of location-oriented applications and services,’ said Greg Skibiski, the chief executive of Sense Networks…


We live in a very competitive world. We like to talk about how long our work weeks are and how little we sleep and so and so on at the water cooler, comparing our lives. But when you actually keep track of these things, you start to see that Americans in general don’t work as much as we think. We sleep more than we think. And I certainly found that was the case for myself as well when I started keeping track of my time. JOHN-DONVAN: When you say you kept track of your time, how – did you just pay more attention? LAURA-VANDERKAM: Well, I actually kept a time log. I wrote down what…


Researchers have shown that we are hard-wired at deep neurological levels to do this kind of ” reading ” of others. It’s an essential survival skill to be able to sense if someone is friendly or dangerous, a good potential mate or a dead-end street for your DNA. Speed-dating-type moments of sizing each other up happen all the time, in every interpersonal encounter. Your brain literally links up with the brain of anyone you are talking to, and faster than you can consciously keep track of what’s happening, you communicate the most vital information about yourself to those around you. And without even knowing it, you are constantly ” reading ” others as well. # This ability to instantly, and accurately, read others is partly native ability and partly something you can learn and hone to a fine art. Much of psychologists’ training is in ” reading ” people, often those who are temporarily ” out of their heads ” with anxiety, depression or rage.


Social Security benefits become taxable once the total of adjusted gross income, tax-exempt interest income, and one-half of Social Security benefits exceeds $25,000 for individuals or $32,000 for couples. # Unfortunately, folks wanting to retire early or work past retirement age have to keep track of such things to avoid running afoul of Social Security and pension rules that can end up costing them. # Historically, 65 has been considered normal retirement age because it’s when people can claim full Social Security benefits. In 1983, Congress voted to gradually raise the full retirement age beginning with people born in 1938 or later. For anyone born after 1959, full retirement age is 67. Congress based its decision on the improved health of older people and increases in average life expectancy.




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