English Course (Module 5)

Module 5 – Model Sentences (601-615)

Unit 1                    Telling About Past Experiences (601-615)

Unit 2                    Asking About Furniture and Places to Live (616-630)

Unit 3                    Talking About Things to Wear (631-645)

Unit 4                    Discussing Different Points of View (646-660)

Unit 5                    Talking About Possible Future Activities (661-675)

Unit 6          Talking About Past Possibilities (676-690)

Unit 7          Likes and Dislikes (691-705)

Unit 8                    Giving Advice and Opinions (706-720)

Unit 9                    Asking Favours of Other People (721-735)

Unit 10        Making Preparations to Travel (736-750)

Word Index for Book Five contains 489 words total.


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