English Course (Module 2)

Module 2 — Model sentences (151-300)

Unit 1          Talking About Objects and People (151-165)

Unit 2          Talking About Languages (166-180)

Unit 3          Talking About Activities (181-195)

Unit 4          Asking About Age (196-210)

Unit 5          Talking About Daily Activities (211-225)

Review of Units 1-5 (Examination)

Unit 6          Talking About Yesterday’s Activities (226-240)

Unit 7          Meeting a Friend (241-255)

Unit 8          Talking About Last Year’s Activities (256-270)

Unit 9          Asking About Addresses (271-285)

Unit 10        Asking Questions (286-300)

Review of Units 6-10 (Examination)

Word Index for Book Two contains 375 words total.

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