English Course (Module 1)

Students: Please read these lessons every morning for at least ten minutes and in the evening for at least 30 minutes.  Do not cram all of the lessons into one day!  You will learn MUCH FASTER by spending  30 to 40 minutes each and every day rather than cramming 3-5 hours on a Saturday or Sunday.

“cram” is American slang for “intensive study for long periods of time”

Module 1 — Model sentences (1-150)

► Unit 1      Greetings (1-15)

► Unit 2      Classroom Expressions (16-30)

► Unit 3      Identifying Objects (31-45)

► Unit 4      Identifying Objects (46-60)

► Unit 5      Identifying People by Occupation (61-75)

Review of Units 1-5 (Examination)

► Unit 6      Introduction and Courtesies (76-90)

► Unit 7      Days and Months of the Calendar (91-105)

► Unit 8      Talking About Objects (106-120)

► Unit 9      Telling Time (121-135)

► Unit 10    Talking About Dates (136-150)

Review of Units 6-10 (Examination)

Word Index for Book One contains 457 words total.

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