Phrasal Verb: run over

run over ชนแล้วทับ, ทบทวน, ตรวจตรา, มีเกินกว่า, ล้นออกมา = knock down and pass over with an automobile or other moving vehicle, drive over, review, rehearse, go over or examine hastily or quickly, exceed

To be hit by a vehicle:

He was run over by a speeding car. เขา ถูกรถ ที่ขับมาอย่างเร็ว ชนแล้วทับ

Statistically, they could also predict roughly the number of children who would be run over by cars, a statement that brought a gasp from the room.

To “go over” or review quickly:

Please run over the plan before making a definite decision.

โปรด ทบทวน แผนการดูอีกครั้งก่อนจะตัดสินใจแน่นอนลงไป

To overflow or exceed:

He had left the water on and the tub ran over. เขาเปิดน้ำทิ้งไว้ และน้ำ ล้นออกมา จากถัง

Pour ginger ale into the glass over the top of the ice, being careful not to let the foam run over the sides of the glass.

It’s the rare song on these discs that doesn’t run over five minutes,

To pass over something:

In May 1814, the young Michael Faraday (1791-1867) wrote excitedly in his diary about climbing Vesuvius with his teacher Sir Humphry Davy. At the summit Faraday found that # … the volume of smoke and flame appeared immense, and the scene was fearfully grand… at times we could see the flames breaking out from a large orifice with extraordinary force… I incautiously remained to collect some of the substances, and was then obliged to run over the lava, to the great danger of my legs.

I’m so dizzy that I bend my head over a drinking fountain in the hotel lobby and let the water run over the back of my neck until my vision returns to normal.

As a Noun Phrase:

Mr. McConnell, who was first elected to the Senate in 1984 with the help of a
Roger Ailes-produced advertisement that showed bloodhounds searching for his
opponent, has had his ups and downs as a leader. Senate Republicans lost 14
seats in the last two elections when he was the No. 2 Republican and then the
party chief, and Mr. Specter jumped ship on his watch. # But Mr. McConnell is
credited with a very effective run over the last 15 months — though being minority leader has distinct advantages over being in charge of making the Senate function.







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